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Pros and Cons of Different Roof Types

Have you ever wondered which roof type is the best for your kind of house in your kind of area? Are you thinking about replacing your roof and maybe changing from a shingle to a metal roof, or from a tile roof to a metal roof? What kind of benefits would knowing your limitations and what roof choices you cannot make because of your location or your structural support limits bring you?  There are a number of reasons why each roof might be your best pick for your home and your area. Let’s talk about each one. 
I have a shingle roof…Can I change to any kind of roof I want? The short answer is no. You cannot change from a shingle roof to a concrete or clay tile roof in Florida. The primary reason is the trusses and the weight differences of the tile. If you’re looking for a change to a tile it’ll take some engineering to your trusses which will be expensive. But there are some creative alternate options that can give you the look of tile without the weight. Why not look into a stone coated metal roof that has the shape and appearance of a tile roof. It’ll cost you about the same as a concrete tile roof, but it’ll be possible to have the look you want without the weight limitations. 
I have a shingle roof and I want to keep it a shingle roof. What kind of shingle roof do you have? Is it a three tab roof that looks like a brick wall design or does it look more like a wood shake roof in its design? That is an architectural shingle roof. It is a double layer shingle that can withstand over 110 mph winds where a three tab roof can only handle a 65 mph wind event. We recommend upgrading from a three tab to an architectural roof shingle when staying with shingles for your replacement. 
I have a shingle roof but want a metal roof. This has been a recent popular option in the south Florida area. Yes you can upgrade from a shingle roof to a metal roof. Metal roofs come in a few styles based on affordability. THe most common and affordable metal roof is a 5v mill finish steel roof. This is the roof you can see the screw through the roof field. The panels can come plain, beaded or striated. The bead and striations are appealing in their finish look but also serve to add support to the long panels which will increase the smooth look and avoid the unsightly oil can look that can appear with the flat panel option. The standing seam metal is the next step up and is a popular option. Add striation to a 16″ panel with a 1″ seam and you’ll have a popular and quite appealing roof. You’ll pay more but still a bit less than the stone coated metal roof that ‘s made to look like tile. 
I have a shingle roof and I want to roof over it with a metal roof to save money. This is a popular question. Yes it can be done. The only challenge to this process is the condition of the shingle roof at time of install. In Florida you must pass an inspection on the current roof before being allowed to apply the metal. Amle sure you get all of your leaks fixed first. Make sure your vents and lead boots for your pvc pipes are in good condition. These shortcomings will cause that failed inspection and you’ll have to make the repairs and pass the inspection again. Never add a second layer to your roof before getting that approval or you’ll be replacing the entire roof to fix your problem.